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The Guyana Wrestling Association is responsible for the development of wrestling in Guyana through a number of programs with the assistance of the United World Wrestling and the Guyana Olympic Association .


Guyana Wrestling Association will provide training for Affiliated Club Coaches so to better develop the sport until UWW Coach work shop is available to have coaches international certify. 


Guyana Wrestling Association will provide training for referees nationally until UWW referee work shop is available to have referee international certify. 


Athletes are the heart and soul of wrestling. Guyana Wrestling will thrives to assist athletes so the can focus on their goals and allow them to perform at their maximum potential.

Weight Categories

Freestyle will keep all their current Olympic and non-Olympic weight categories and will simply add 79kg and 92kg.


Women’s wrestling will increase the lowest weight from 48kg to 50kg and slightly redistribute several weight categories, most by only one or two kilograms.


Greco-Roman went through the largest shift in assignments, adjusting nearly all the weight categories.


Junior-level and U-23 wrestlers will also compete at the senior-level weight categories.

Workshop Calender

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Affiliated Clubs of GWA

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